So You Bombed: How to Move on After a Bad Presentation at Work

Have you ever had a horribly embarrassing public speaking experience? Were you mortified when you went blank in your high school French class when asked about Madame Thibeault’s small dog? Did you give a presentation at work and, when you looked out at the audience, become uncomfortably aware that most people were on their phones? Did you feel small, unseen, and unheard? […]

Be Yourself: 5 Principles for Creating a Company Culture Around Your Organization’s Unique Values

Today, company culture is a major factor in attracting and retaining the right employees. To differentiate themselves in the eyes of workers, many companies are investing heavily in efforts to create engaging work environments. For inspiration, employers often look to companies like Netflix, Google, and Zappos, all of which have reputations as exciting, highly desirable work environments. However, their models don’t necessarily[…]