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Develop  and implements policies and procedures that reduce corporate credit  risk. 2) Identifying  and evaluating threats, and developing alternative courses of actions to avoid,  reduce, or transfer corporate risks. 3) Develop  Corporate Risk Assessment criteria and customer eligibility for the company  products. 4) Analyze  the portfolio Credit Risk prepare reports to the  management. 5) Update  the RAC based on the portfolio analysis. 6) Aligning  the entity’s risk appetite and strategies; 7) Enhancing  the rigor of the entity’s risk-response decisions; 8) Reducing  the frequency and severity of operational surprises and  losses; 9) Identifying  and managing multiple and cross-enterprise risks; 10) Proactively  seizing on the opportunities presented to the entity; and 11) Improving  the effectiveness of the entity’s capital deployment.  If you’re interested in one of our open positions.