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Job Description

The role holder is responsible to assess Commercial & SME and Corporate  credit applications and produce concise Risk memo to enable decision making. Key  Responsibilities Core Responsibilities  Review and asses credit applications  emanating from Business Units and make appropriate recommendations highlighting  critical credit risks with recommended credit enhancement as deemed suitable and  as per Bank’s credit risk policy and procedures and central Bank regulations.   Ensure Borrowers financials are spread as per policy and accordingly assigned  proper risk rating.  Monitor the assigned portfolio and highlight warning  signs.  Build and maintain strong and effective relationship with business  partners.  Peruse the agenda items, understand the credit applications and  diligently minute the proceedings of the weekly Management Credit Committee  meeting.  Hands on experience in usage of Credit Lens or equivalent rating  models.  Attend Management Credit Committee meetings and record minutes and  resolutions.  Adherence to Turnaround Time (TAT) and closely engage with  Business partners.  Possess understanding of business process and controls in  all related areas.  Good grasp of Risk Policies and Procedures of the Bank and  Central Bank rule book.  Keep abreast of market conditions.  Understand and  assess complex cash flows. Self- Management Responsibilities  Defines  performance goals at the start of the year in discussion with the reporting  manager and ensures that the goals are monitored and achieved during the course  of the year.  Takes ownership of his/her own learning agenda by identifying  development needs in consultation with the reporting manager and working towards  bridging the gaps through various means which go beyond just training.   Understands the competencies relevant to his/her role, and works towards  displaying as well as developing these effectively.  Keeps abreast of relevant  professional/industry developments, new techniques and current issues through  continued education and professional networks. 2 QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE  Threshold Qualifications  Bachelor’s Degree Business Banking, Finance, or in  any other subject or equivalent is required. Master’s Degree Business Banking,  Finance, or in any other subject is preferred.  Professional Certificate such  as CA/CPA/CFA is preferred. Years & Nature of Experience  Minimum 5-6 years  of practical experience in a bank with 3 years in the same or similar function.  SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES  Analytical Skills  Credit Skills  Project Finance  and Structured finance deals Skills  Interpersonal Skills  Communication  Skills  Decision Making Skills  Problem Solving Skills  Time Management   Adaptability & Flexibility  Microsoft Skills  Proactive-ness KEY  PERFORMANCE INDICATOR  Turnaround time for producing Risk Memo’s and Minutes of  MCC  Monitoring of assigned portfolios to ensure minimal delinquencies.   Ability to perform on any credit related special projects assigned