Director – Investment Banking and Private Equity

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Job Description

Director – Investment Banking and Private Equity
Job Objective The position will play an important role in the Group by focusing on the execution of
transactions and supervising team members
Key Duties & Responsibilities
Managerial Responsibilities:

  1. Managing and leading a diverse team of individuals (VPs, Associates and Analysts) by encouraging
    and maintaining motivation and team spirit in order to implement the strategy and the organization,
    and achieve the objectives.
  2. Set, monitor and allocate the Department budget in coordination with Finance.
  3. Setting the KPIs for the Department
  4. Evaluating the performance of the team
  5. Ensure full adherence by Saudi regulatory rules and guidelines.
    Functional Responsibilities:
  6. Overseeing and managing execution of day-to-day activities surrounding “live” transactions.
  7. Partnering with senior colleagues, client executives, and product specialists to develop innovative client
  8. Final review and approval of client presentation materials.
  9. Final review and approval of proposals, engagement letters, and presentations.
  10. Final review and approval of offering documents such as IPO prospectus, private placement
    memorandum, banking memorandum, teasers and investor presentations.
  11. Ensuring the highest quality and work ethics.
  12. If required, interacting with CMA, SAMA and other regulatory authorities to explain the project under
    management and address any enquiries they might have; and
  13. Performing other duties related as assigned.
  14. Lead the origination, structuring and implementation process around corporate bond and other debt
    financing transactions.
  15. Oversee deal origination, new business strategy, and deal execution.
  16. Evaluate and structure customized debt offering (Sukuk) and financing alternatives for the bank clients.
  17. Have an understanding of rating advisory and listing requirements that may be necessary to facilitate
    the issuance of bonds / Sukuks in the GCC capital markets.
  18. Coordinate with other departments
  19. Review monthly progress report on departmental accomplishments and other work-related matters.
    These reports are required to be presented to the CEO and Board of Directors on timely basis.
  20. Manage the periodical review of the department’s performance and performance report highlights
    aiming to optimize process improvement and discuss recommendations.
  21. Keep abreast with the latest developments in the local markets, in order to actively source successful
    Internal Communication Purpose
  22. CEO & Board of Directors
  23. Other bank Dept. (HR, Admin, Compliance, IT,
    Operation, etc.)

and approval
 Business and managerial issues

and approval