Group Head of Risk Management

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Job Description

Generic Accountabilities
Strategic Contribution
▪ As a member of the leadership team, contribute to the broader development of SME Bank’s vision,
mission and strategy to ensure the organization achieves its short, medium, and long-term objectives.
▪ Lead the development of the functional strategy for the assigned function, ensuring its alignment with the
broader objectives of the organization.
▪ Oversee the development and achievement of the function’s performance metrics in order to meet the
Bank’s organization goals and key performance indicator targets.
▪ Build and lead a motivated, engaged and competent manpower throughout the function, by setting
functional priorities and objectives, managing performance, and providing ongoing feedback and
coaching to meet the organizational unit’s challenges and goals.
▪ Serve as a role model to ensure employees’ awareness and commitment to SME Bank’s vision,
mission, values, the Bank fundamentals and corporate strategy to establish a highly engaged and
motivated manpower, and continuously improve performance

Organization Structure, Manpower Planning and Budgeting
▪ Define an optimal organization structure for the Group Risk Management function and direct the
development of the respective functional structure to ensure efficient and effective utilization of
▪ Provide support and input for the development of the function’s manpower plan collaborating with Human
Capital to ensure timely and best-of-class delivery of tasks.
▪ Provide direction on the preparation and consolidation of the function’s budget in line with the Bank’s
annual business plan.
▪ Oversee the consolidation and recommend the function’s budget and monitor financial performance
versus the budget so that the business is aware of anticipated costs/revenues, areas of unsatisfactory
performance are identified, and potential areas of cost reduction or performance improvement
opportunities are capitalized upon.
Continuous Improvement
▪ Direct functional departments towards continuous improvement and the achievement of the Bank’
business plan, budget and KPI’s, responding proactively and making changes as required.
▪ Stays abreast of the latest technology and tools available for use to ensure the department operates as
efficiently as possible whilst delivering a responsive client and customer focused service.
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
▪ Provide direction for the development and implementation of functional policies, systems, processes and
procedures, identifying potential areas of improvement to ensure an efficient and effective operation.
▪ Ensure operations are in compliance with corporate requirements on adherence to policies, procedures
and instructions related to all relevant regulatory directives to ensure a safe and risk-free environment.
Stakeholder Management
▪ Build high levels of trust and understanding with key internal and external stakeholders to promote full
compliance with industry regulations and promote broader understanding of the Bank’s interests and
Change Management
▪ Direct the planning, implementation and monitoring of major change initiatives across the organization,
and highlight to the management on critical findings, to enable informed decision making and ensure
that projects are completed on time, within budget and as per quality standards.
Job Specific Accountabilities
Risk Management Framework and Governance
▪ Collaborate with the Board, the CEO and senior executive team to develop a clear statement of the risk
appetite and develop models for calculating returns for the bank and affiliated entities in order to gain
CEO and Board approval.
▪ Develop and maintain risk/return models to support the appropriate risk acquisition by business
ensuring adoption of appropriate remediation efforts.
▪ Provide guidance for the development of the Bank’s risk strategy and ensure measured judgments on
all current and potential credit, operational, market and liquidity risks faced by the bank.
▪ Lead and direct the design, development and implementation of appropriate methods, stress scenarios
and portfolio analysis models to accurately calculate overall and specific risk exposures and their
impact on the bank.
▪ Partner with business leaders to identify, assess, prioritize and minimize key business risks through the
implementation of contemporary risk management practices and ensure the continuous updates and
improvements as per SAMA regulations and standards, for the Bank and affiliated entities

Ensure that the bank’s regulatory obligations (reporting, capital, liquidity) are met at all times and
secure business resilience.
▪ Create and maintain a strong risk culture through effective leadership, communication and training
programs, risk- based performance measurement and incentives, and other programs.
Market & Credit Risk
▪ Ensure oversight of the market risk, which covers AML, interest rate, and spread, and the
availability/cost of or access to ready liquidity and long-term funding, in order to handle the risk
associated with the Bank’s loan distribution and deploy corrective actions when needed.
▪ Ensure effective risk management throughout credit administration and reporting by leading the market
and credit risk department through the Bank market approval process and credit analysis.
▪ Oversee investment risk framework of the Bank’s entities and ensure appropriate reporting to the
CEO of the Bank.
Operational Risk
▪ Lead the identification and analysis of operational risk activities across the Bank and affiliated entities
to ensure that all operational risk is identified, mitigated and contained within acceptable parameter
▪ Assess and control high risk aspects of the Bank clients’ financial data in order to advise and offer
appropriate metrics to SME Lending development continuity plans and loan recovery mechanisms.
▪ Supervise the Bank’s core operational risks and related key control, and provide recommendations to
the Board of Directors, Committees and CEO regarding significant changes required to the Bank’s risk
▪ Act as a subject matter expert and provide guidance to business on all aspects of Operational Risk
Management to align with the Bank’s objectives.
Cyber & Information Security
▪ Oversee the development and execution of Cyber and Information Security strategy to safeguard the
Bank’s networks, programs and data from internal and external threats, attacks, and unauthorized
▪ Direct the evaluation of key information security risk and data that must be protected in order to set
control and security levels for the Bank and affiliated entities.
▪ Ensure that security policies and standards implemented continue to reflect evolving business
requirements, regulatory guidance and emerging threats to enhance the Bank clients’ operations.
▪ Oversee business continuity information security of the Bank’s entities and ensure appropriate
reporting to the CEO of the Bank