Group Head Operations & Technology

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Job Description

Strategic Contribution
▪ As a member of the leadership team, contribute to the broader development of the Bank’s vision,
mission and strategy to ensure the organization achieves its short, medium, and long-term objectives.
▪ Lead the development of the functional strategy for the assigned function, ensuring its alignment with the
broader objectives of the organization.
▪ Oversee the development and achievement of the function’s performance metrics in order to meet the
Bank’s organization goals and key performance indicator targets.
▪ Build and lead a motivated, engaged and competent manpower throughout the function, by setting
functional priorities and objectives, managing performance, and providing ongoing feedback and
coaching to meet the organizational unit’s challenges and goals.
▪ Serve as a role model to ensure employees’ awareness and commitment to the Bank’s vision,
mission, values, the Bank fundamentals and corporate strategy to establish a highly engaged and
motivated manpower, and continuously improve performance.
Organization Structure, Manpower Planning and Budgeting

Define an optimal organization structure for the Group Operations & Technology function and direct the
development of the respective functional structure to ensure efficient and effective utilization of
▪ Provide support and input for the development of the function’s manpower plan collaborating with Human
Capital to ensure timely and best-of-class delivery of tasks.
▪ Provide direction on the preparation and consolidation of the function’s budget in line with the Bank’s
annual business plan.
▪ Oversee the consolidation and recommend the function’s budget and monitor financial performance
versus the budget so that the business is aware of anticipated costs/revenues, areas of unsatisfactory
performance are identified, and potential areas of cost reduction or performance improvement
opportunities are capitalized upon.
Continuous Improvement
▪ Direct functional departments towards continuous improvement and the achievement of the Bank’
business plan, budget and KPI’s, responding proactively and making changes as required.
▪ Stays abreast of the latest technology and tools available for use to ensure the department operates as
efficiently as possible whilst delivering a responsive client and customer focused service.
Stakeholder Management
▪ Build high levels of trust and understanding with key internal and external stakeholders to promote full
compliance with industry regulations and promote broader understanding of the Bank’s interests and
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
▪ Provide direction for the development and implementation of functional policies, systems, processes and
procedures, identifying potential areas of improvement to ensure an efficient and effective operation.
▪ Ensure operations are in compliance with corporate requirements on adherence to policies, procedures
and instructions related to all relevant regulatory directives to ensure a safe and risk-free environment.
Change Management
▪ Direct the planning, implementation and monitoring of major change initiatives across the organization,
and highlight to the management on critical findings, to enable informed decision making and ensure
that projects are completed on time, within budget and as per quality standards.
Job Specific Accountabilities
Human Resources
▪ Oversee the development and execution of HR strategy which includes Organizational Development,
Talent Management and Talent Services departments to ensure that the HR function’s overall direction
is determined and that it is in line with the Bank’s human resources management objectives.
▪ Ensure effective human capital management and lead the fulfilment of various training and
development needs to secure the acquisition and growth of talent and organization.
▪ Ensure the establishment of a communication channel with relevant stakeholders to ensure the
adoption of culture, secure employment engagement and drive performance of both talent and
Information Technology
▪ Oversee the development and execution of Information Technology strategy which includes IT Security,
Strategy and Governance, Service Delivery, Digital Services and IT Operations to ensure delivering
value for the Bank and supporting organizational transformation in line with government regulations.
▪ Approve the IT budget, policies and procedures and monitor achievement of KPI’s, as well as the
relationship with function units to ensure adequate technical assistance and advice

Lead the development of a digitized and integrated customer journey, supervise the ever-changing
services roadmap and determine new distribution channels to help the Bank achieve its strategic
▪ Ensure a high quality of service by monitoring the quality of applications/platforms and services
provided to the Bank’s clients, overseeing the analysis of User Acceptance Test results for new
services, and ensuring that all necessary improvements are incorporated.
Account Operations
▪ Oversee the development and execution of Account Operation strategy which includes Cash Ops, Direct
and Indirect Finance Accounts, Performance and Reporting and Business Process Management to
ensure the best use of SME Bank’s resources and its added value to customers.
▪ Supervise treasury transactions to ensure that the Bank’s (and affiliated entities) assets match its
liabilities and complies with SAMA guidelines.
▪ Oversee and monitor operations against expected targets and ensure that the Bank’s management
information systems (MIS), policies, and procedures are supported, assessed, and improved in
accordance with government regulations.
Procurement & Admin Services
▪ Oversee the development and execution of Procurement and Admin Services strategy which includes
Procurement and Contracts, Archiving and Documentation Centre and Admin Support to ensure the
identification of key areas of spend within the Bank and ways to maximize value across all functions
through procurement processes.
▪ Monitor procurement performance, oversee opportunities for cost savings and economies of scale and
direct the development of a proactive strategic procurement approach to achieve high-level
performance in line with the Bank’s strategic objectives.
▪ Monitor the vendor contract development process to ensure that all terms and conditions are compliant
with the Bank’s legal policies.
▪ Oversee the development of recording systems and archiving policies and procedures in line with the
Bank’s requirements to ensure the control, security, accessibility, and timeliness of permanent
▪ Lead the formulation of administrative support templates, mechanisms and procedures to ensure
effective day-to-day operations in line with the Bank