Head of Asset Management

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Job Description

Assumes overall responsibility for optimizing investment selection and operational value
creation to support the bank goals and objectives through – investment research and
analysis, recommending suitable investments, development of differentiated products and
funds and asset management strategy development and execution. As a member of
the bank Management Committee has joint responsibility for developing and deploying
regular business activities.
Managerial Responsibilities:

  1. Direct and manage Group employees in performing their roles, responsibilities and delegated tasks.
  2. Conduct performance evaluation reviews for direct reports, identify and ensure they acquire the
    required managerial or functional skills and knowledge.
  3. Lead annual budget setting process for the Group.
  4. Create a productive and healthy work environment within the Group, and foster high attention to
    details and efficient knowledge transfer among employees.
  5. Working with HR, ensures that appropriate development programs are in place to enhance the skills
    of employees and to allow for a robust succession plan.
    Functional Responsibilities:
  6. Active member of Management Committee to align plans and strategies for Groups and Departments
    and monitor all on-going activities.
  7. Develops strategic objectives and KPI’s for Product Development, Fund Management and Wealth
  8. Reviews periodically the performance of each of his departments and recommends and implements
    changes to improve performance.
  9. Ensures operational procedures and processes are in place for Product Development, Fund
    Management and Wealth Management and are being deployed as per policy.
  10. Identifies, develops and manages the investment strategy, business plans for asset categories and
    individual investments, and overall investment budget based on extensive research and modelling.
  11. Works with Fund Managers to recommend and implement asset allocation strategies, monitors and
    reviews fund performance and ensure realization of defined performance targets.
  12. Ensures market awareness and seeks to identify the appropriate investment and operational
    opportunities through developing and maintaining relevant business networks/relationship.
  13. Works with Product Development to focus on customizing / localizing products and building
    differentiated local real estate, emerging markets and trade finance funds in collaboration with the bank
    Capital asset management fund structuring experts.
  14. Supports the team of investment advisors to distribute funds to Large Corporate, Institutional, HNWI,
    and sophisticated affluent investors
  15. Manages investment transactional activities including but not limited to relationships with shareholders
    and other stakeholders, investment banks, investment partners, lawyers and accountants.
  16. Communicates with the Investment Committee and the Executive Committee for review and approval
    of new deals and operational plans and other transactional activities.
  17. Manages relationships with external consultants to ensure value for money and projects are
    implemented in line with requirements.
    Job Specifications
    Minimum Job Qualifications Requirement (Academic, training, languages, etc.)
     Master’s in Business Administration in Investment Management, Finance or any related field.
     CFA (or equivalent) is preferred.
     CME – I passed
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    Minimum Work Experience:
     8 – 10 ten years of experience in in managing investments, including asset and funds management,
    corporate finance and investment bank advisory services roles