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Job Description

To Manage and develop the Branch portfolio and develop and build the liabilities and asset (funded & non-funded) products, cards and third party products profitably through the branch channel, in a cost effective manner, by fostering high performance, sales and customer service culture and standards.

Key Responsibilities

·         Deliver the revenue and balance sheet targets assigned to Retail branches ·         Develop business targets for each branch in consultation with Chief of Consumer Banking and keeping in line with the Bank’s business objective in order to ensure that the branch objectives and targets are laid out to the individual staff members. ·         Identify and implement action plans in branches for achieving business growth objectives and targets. ·         Grow the distribution network of the bank by increasing number of branches as per plan. ·         Manage the transition of branches into sales and service business units by creating a culture of sales and delivery of superior customer service within the network ·         Manage the product portfolio of each line of products for branches as well as Manage the costs of running the branch network ·         Manage the credit quality of the branch asset book within acceptable limits by ensuring adequate screening of customer application. ·         Migrate customer transactions from the branches on to these lower cost channels ·         Provide feedback to the marketing department on customer/ products issues in order to facilitate action plans ·         Support the launch of new products and services in line with the Retail business plan, to ensure the acceptability and success of the products and services as well as provide support in the areas related to BPR and service quality projects, etc ·         Ascertain the training and development needs of staff and nominate them on appropriate courses in order to close skill gaps and to ensure that all staff are well trained and fully aware of products and services, policies and procedures ·         Continuously monitor branches performance at operation area and ensure branches are eliminating any operational risk by Periodically evaluating the performance of branches with branch managers/ business unit heads with feedback session, corrective actions and way forward ·         Monitor overall zones performance through efficient key performance indicators systems and brief Chief of Consumer Banking in regular basis on the branches performance vs. their set targets at assets / liabilities / service quality / operation & control. ·         Work mutually with Head of Sales to explore hidden sales opportunities and enhance current process to optimize benefiting from cooperation between branches team & sales team. ·          Manage and Monitor business operation team performance in minimizing operation risk, diluting gaps and enhancing team awareness in ensuring consistent adherence with standard operation procedures and policies of the bank including taking corrective procedures. ·         Supervise conducting comprehensive review for all operation activities and procedures including weak points and gaps as outlined in the audit reports and ORMS in order to initiate proper solutions to mitigate any potential operation risk. ·         Continuously monitor customer satisfaction, mystery shopping results, complains resolution feedback and take measures and initiatives to improve the score and to identify customer issues and concerns and resort to appropriate actions to address such issues. ·         Assist and support introduction of new electronic channels within the branches network. ·         Ensure proper coordination with all concerned stakeholders to implement branches expansion & renovation strategy. ·         Ability to identify and resolve issues through experience, judgement and knowledge. ·         Ability to manage  all branches within the network

Job Specification:

EducationBasic Education: ·         Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management/ Finance/ Accounting/ Economics/ Marketing or equivalent Additional Desirable Qualifications: ·         Postgraduate qualification/ additional courses in Management/ Marketing/ Finance will be plus
Work ExperienceMinimum 10 – 12 years’ experience in banking with at last 5 years in managing retail branches at senior levels in well-established and recognized financial institutions. At least 2 years’ experience in same position in UAE Market with well recognized achievement.