Head of Institutional Remedial Management 

Job Description

The role holder is responsible for developing a comprehensive policy framework / methodology and strategy for both
internal and external debt restructuring. Is responsible for directly managing the restructuring of the financial position of
primarily CIIB, Commercial & SME clients that are in distress to maximize payback and return to creditors and secondly to
equity holders. The role holder can take the form of either being responsible for those clients where the Group is a creditor
and the client is Classified Stage 3 and more than 180 days past due and the client requires financial restructuring, or
alternatively to take on the role as independent advisor to companies where the Group is not a creditor.
The role holder is also responsible for raising awareness to relationship managers about credit restructuring, remedial
techniques and strategies in order to help them try to fix troubled accounts before they have to be transferred to FR.
Moreover, Liaise with internal legal, external agencies, government agencies to implement legal measures.
Strategic Responsibilities
▪ Develop the strategy for the Group in line with the stated priorities.
▪ Prepare and manage the annual budget for the Group, secures subsequent approval, tracks
expenditure and ensures adherence to the budget.
▪ Define the operating framework and policies for the Group and ensures compliance with
internal quality standards.
▪ Provide strategic and risk-based decision to support the Group senior management and by
direct involvement in management committees.
▪ Represent the Group in local and regional relevant forums in order to promote the Group’s
image of expertise.
▪ Carry out any other duties or services as required for the integration with other bank
Core Responsibilities
Financial Advisory
▪ Lead the negotiations with stakeholders for accounts transferred to FR with the aim to identify
and understand problems and find a solution for each case in order to protect the Group’s
asset base and return to shareholders.
▪ Lead the negotiations with stakeholders and develops restructures of distressed companies
to be agreed by stakeholders as independent advisor.
▪ Provide proactive advice on recovery strategies and action plans and ensures close monitoring
of recoveries from specific troubled accounts in order to safeguard the Group’s assets.
Investment Banking
▪ Look at developing different structures to maximize the return in distressed debt turnaround
situations, possibly associating external investors.
▪ Participate in the distressed debt market in GCC as both seller and buyer of distressed debt
and as market maker.
▪ Track the distressed debt market information in GCC and initiate involvement in the market
when required.
Remedial Services
▪ Lead the restructures to ensure the recoverable value is maximized.
▪ Lead initiation of legal action against customers where appropriate in parallel with
developing restructures while ensuring compliance with the Bank’s policy and procedures.
▪ Direct the timely liaison with Legal Department, Sharia counsel and regulators, ensuring
that the cases are filed in a timely manner, supported by documents which are in line with
internal/external requirements.
Internal Control and Policies
▪ Set and lead policies of escalating and monitoring activities to ensure proper control over
troubled accounts, including reporting of accounts to the Central Bank of Bahrain and Board
Audit Committees, Executive Committee and Board of Directors of both banks.
▪ Head regular meetings with CIIB, Commercial and SME to review, discuss and amend
strategies for Stage 3 accounts up to 180 days past due, in order to be better prepared to
manage them if the accounts are transferred to FR at 180 days past due.
▪ Guide the development of exit strategies for impaired loans originating out of Bahrain and
international location.
People Management Responsibilities
▪ Develop talent within the team by providing guidance and coaching to achieve the defined goals.
▪ Encourage and inspire Self and others to continuously seek opportunities for development.
▪ In consultation with HR, implement effective succession planning, people management,
development, recruitment and retention strategies for the Division.
▪ Facilitate cross-functional integration and build collaboration to facilitate and enhance
▪ Draw on internal resources at group level within the banks when relevant (including legal,
business, capital markets, risk management).
▪ Ensure promotion of employment equity and a culture of transformation