Head of Mortgage Finance Sales

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Job Description

  1. a) Responsible for setting the Mortgage Finance target and following up on its achievement by the RMs under his supervision.
  2. b) Distribute annual targets across the Mortgage Finance Relationship Managers at the branch network and regularly monitor their performance against the set KPIs.
  3. c) Develop sales plans to boost the Mortgage Finance Portfolio and maximize the bank’s profitability.
  4. d) Coordinate and collaborate with Head of Mortgage Finance to suggest enhancements to the Mortgage Finance products whenever needed.
  5. e) Refer business opportunities, such as co-branding, to the Head of Mortgage Finance for deal negotiations, obtaining the necessary internal approvals, etc.

2. Commercial Follow-up & Support

  1. a) Prepare and present daily pipeline & activity reports to the Head of Mortgage Finance.
  2. b) Monitor the Mortgage Finance Cycle and ensure smooth processing of files by identifying bottlenecks to the cycle and proposing enhancements to simplify the flow of work.
  3. c) Assess the commercial and technical needs of the Mortgage Finance, and study on a regular basis the competitor banks’ offers.
  4. d) Communicate regularly with the Branch Network and visit the branches with the Relationship Managers to recommend the required training to the branch staff members to achieve their predetermined targets and to find further ways for increasing the penetration of the Mortgage Finance Market.
  5. e) Provide the Heads of Retail with regular information about their potentials and resources to follow up on the RM’s performance.
  6. f) Follow up with the concerned stakeholders on Mortgage Finance special cases approvals.
  7. g) Analyze and improve the sales competence of the Mortgage Finance Team in terms of sales skills and commercial approach; and suggest & lead customers’ and prospects’ meetings.
  8. h) Provide support to the Mortgage Finance RMs through providing them with list of Developers & Real Estate brokers for residential mortgage finance after gathering the updates from the mortgage managers.

3. Management & Control

  1. a) Hold regular meetings with the Mortgage Finance team to monitor business progress, and to exchange relevant information in order to communicate it to the network.
  2. b) Motivate the Mortgage Finance RMs to ensure their awareness of the department’s vision.
  3. c) Review Mortgage Finance RMs reports concerning their sales activities to promote the Mortgage Finance

(Schedules, and visits to potential clients).

  1. d) Deliver Reports on a regular basis to the management to keep them updated with the Mortgage Finance performance.


  1. e) Responsible for evaluating the performance of the Mortgage Finance RMs. Recommend training and development requirements, has the duty to keep the staff at the highest level of skill necessary to meet needs and objectives, and may recommend that personnel be hired or removed from the team.
  2. f) Coordinate with the various stakeholders to enhance synergy across the various business lines.
  3. g) Ensure protection of data and staff awareness of related rules.
  4. h) Supervise the Mortgage Finance to ensure correct adoption of policies and procedures in order to guarantee that the bank business is conducted in compliance with Local Laws, Internal rules and regulations, as well as, International Standards.
  5. i) Ensure the correct functioning and implementation of the Permanent Supervision, Compliance and Money Laundering, Operational Risk, and Workplace Success Guidelines whenever and wherever possible

Job Specifications:


University Degree in Marketing, Business Administration or Economics.


Minimum of 9 years of relevant experience with good exposure to various banking services.


Excellent Managerial and delegation skills.

Excellent Communication skills.

Excellent computer skills.

Excellent Negotiation & Persuasion Skills

Analytical, Research and Innovation Skills

Meeting Job requirements and deadlines efficiently.

Compile all parts of assigned work with accuracy and precision