Head of Risk Architecture and Data Management

Job Description

Role       : Head of Risk Architecture and Data Management
Location :Abu Dhabi

Role Purpose:

This is a senior manager role within Group Risk Management and reports directly to Head of Enterprise Risk Management Group . Head Risk Architecture and Data Management role supports a strategi c function within Group Risk Management and provides the technical leadership and project management support in implementing rating models and scorecards within Enterprise Risk Management Group.

The role requires independent thinking, strong communication, initiative, interaction with all stakeholders within the bank. The role is intended to provide advanced quantitative analytics support to the overall Risk Management function and implement the Group Risk Management Data Management Framework. The role requires advanced data science and technical analysis skills, deep knowledge of Basel II & Ill, lead and manages the IFRS9 project initiative in the bank. Leading and engaging in Risk and information technology projects including the risk applications architecture, risk data management and analytics, data sclene, SCRUM master, Project Management and process optimization. In addition to above, Head Risk Architecture and Data Management role is required to guide and lead project-based team for specialized projects within Enterprise Risk Management Group and requires in-depth knowledge of risk management methodologies and financial risk modelling and project management techniques as well as strong understanding of Basel Accord and Framework.

Key Accountabilities of the role

  • Implement   a comprehensive   Data Management Framework (DMF) for managing risk data including data, storing and required to undertake this role and the analyzing for development, validation and implementation of Risk Rating level at which performance would be Models and Scorecards. Device a rigorous and formal Data Management Framework to support the development and validation ofzx accurate models.
  • Data Science expertise to oversee and lead implementation of policies, procedures and systems designed   to organize and structure   the management of data employed for modelling. Design data tracking and monitoring tools. Analyze and validate data, ensuring data security.
  • Project Management Leader, well versed in PM P methodologies. Prepare detailed project plans to schedule key project milestones, workstreams and activities. Manage resources and teams as well as tracking project and provide regular reports to key stakeholders.
  • SCRUM Master: provide a framework to develop programs and manage complex projects successfully.  Manage timelines, resolving problems and coaching team members on AGILE methodologies.
  • Good quantitative analysis and finance skills. Experience of working with Statistical Software (SAS/Python/R/ SPSS).
  • Strong knowledge of Information Technology systems, Risk Management, systems, tools, applications and relational database management system. Software development and coding is a plus.
  • Program Manager with ability to execute plans and meet project objectives as well as the ability to respond and resolve diverse needs of team. Must be detail-oriented and able to multitask.
  • Lead Project Management Office for ERM Risk IT projects implementation and perform vendor and resource management.  Ability to understand and clearly relate to other members of the organization with respect to Project Management activities, technology, software and technical specifications.
  • Implement a data management process for systematic identification of data sources, regular and frequent collection.  rigorous data quality review and control. secure storage and controlled access and robust system infrastructure.
  • Ensure data quality review and standard checks to assess the data completeness, accuracy, timeliness, uniqueness and traceability.
  • Formulating management techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data.
  • Implementation of risk rating models and scorecards in Bank’s systems ensuring compliance with IFRS 9 and Basel requirements. Provide technical leadership and project management support in implementation of rating models.
  • Report and present project status updates to key stakeholders and Steering Committee of   the   Bank.  Preparation of project plans including work breakdown structure. schedules, responsibilities and key milestones.
  • Lead all upgrade and migration of current or legacy systems to upgraded versions or new software along with IT team.
  • Assist Risk Analytics teams in development, recalibration and validation of Risk and statistical models  by  carrying out  data  preparation,  segmentation
  • analysis, and testing & validation tasks. Assist in validation of the deployed models.
  • Work in coordination with and as back-upto the ICAAP and Stress Testing unit within GRM with particular regard to the capital models, stress testing
  • scenarios, models. data and any triggers.
  • Vendor Management: Evaluate vendors for Enterprise Risk Management software and services by   preparation of   RFP documents, review and evaluate vendors’ RFP responses. conduct product evaluation sessions and feasibility and analysis studies, negotiate contracts/agreements and liaise with legal department.
  • Team player and leader with the ability to lead and work very effectively in a collaborative and team-oriented manner with other team members. Must be a take-charge person with strong initiative and a positive work attitude and confident, eager and willing to take on new challenges. Must be cooperative with good interpersonal, leadership. negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Provide analytics and quantitative support as and when necessitated. Manage reporting for senior management or regulator.
  • BORM – Lead Operationa l Risk activities within ERM and ensuring implementation of RCSA. KRI, Contro l Testing, Issues and deliverables for ERM Group. Provide training on GRC system.
  • BISO – Business Information Security Officer – Lead GISD bank level initiatives from trainings, system reviews to access review for all systems in Risk.
  • Able to support the Head Enterprise Risk Management Group in all Enterprise Risk Management projects and initiatives.

Specialist Skills / Technical Knowledge Required for this role:

  • 10-15 years of relevant experience in Risk Management with at least 5 years in a managerial role leading in Basel, IFRS9, Risk Architecture, Risk Analytics, credit modeling within Risk Management.
  • An undergraduate/graduate degree in a quantitative discipline from a reputed university such as Mathematics, Computer Information Science, Statistic s, Finance, Accounting or any other related field.
  • Excellent Project Management, Basel, Risk modeling, Big Data, SCRUM,Agile, Data Science skills.
  • Sound knowledge of risk governance frameworks and prudential regulations including the Basel Accord.
  • Experience working in Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Architecture, Risk Analytics & Basel domain.
  • In-depth knowledge of banking operations, financial markets and products.
  • Expertise in modern database and information system technologies
  • Experience of large and complex data sets, data management and analytics.
  • Robust know ledge of risk management best practices and regulatory requirements – including Basel II & Basel Ill and IFRS9 regulations.
  • Advanced user of statistical software (SAS/ Python/ R).
  • Ability to work independently on multiple tasks and/or projects.
  • Excellent oraland written communicaiton skills in English.
  • Proficiency in risk concepts, banking products/ operations/ systems, pertinent regulatoryrequirements.
  • Flexible teamplayer and able to work and deliver under pressure.
  • Ability to inspire and motivate others to gain commitment.