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Job Description

  1. Prepare KRIs, heatmaps and Operational Risk profile with the aim of holistic reporting and analysis of the operational risk environment, emerging risk factors, losses as well as near misses in a timely and accurate manner, as well as monitoring preventative thresholds and trends.
  2. Assist in preparing the framework and timelines for scenario analysis and oversees execution and analyses scenario outputs with the aim to provide recommendations to risk owners.
  3. Implement the overall risk appetite limits and works with BRCMs and risk owners in order to monitor the setting of risk appetite.
  4. Prepare periodic reviews of external system feeds for risk event information and takes measures to ensure material external risk events have been captured and assessed appropriately.
  5. Implement the updating and development of the Functional Instruction Manuals.
  6. Ensures integrity of data maintained in the database.
  7. Closely monitors key indicators to ensure risks are within appetite and to identify emerging risk trends.