Relationship Manager

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Job Description

To achieve financial goals 

To focus on cross sell and other ways of increasing wallet penetration

  • Process/Technical related activities (e.g. Risk, Controls, Compliance, Audit, Productivity, Quality, Discipline, Change Management, Adaptability, Success Transfer)

To put up credit proposals after detailed financial analysis  

To ensure compliance to bank’s and regulator’s policies

Should be able to implement an effective cross sell strategy

To conduct regular site visits, customer call, etc (as per bank’s policy)

To ensure satisfactory ratings during internal/external ratings/reviews

To ensure timely renewal of credit approvals (CAs) and efficient processing of customer related transactions

Obtain and renew credit documentation, as required

Interface with operations to ensure smooth transaction flow

  • People/Leadership/Teamwork/Corporate Citizenship related activities (e.g. Collaboration/Team work, Knowledge sharing, Development, Sharing Resources/Helping others