Senior Officer Digital Business Development

September 21, 2022

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Job Description

The incumbent is responsible for supporting Manager Digital Business Development in developing and managing strategies and digital business plans at local and international branches as well as oversea strategies and plans at subsidiaries from group level. The incumbent has to have the role in supporting and promoting Digital Center of Excellence (DCOE) objectives and values internally to business units and externally to partners collaborating with DCoE. The incumbent will be responsible to documenting and support execution of agreed upon digital strategies operating model at Group level. Including subsidiaries and international units to provide digital leadership for digital transformation of Group Retail business to Digital Business focusing on customer experience, generating new growth from Digital Business, achieve operational excellence and extending the core business to adjacent ecosystem models. The incumbent has responsibility to support the digital strategy execution based on agreed roadmap and ensure strategic initiatives are managed and digital solutions are created and executed. In addition, to ensure DCoE is adopting best practices, conducting or soliciting researches, provide support and training for digital agenda within the Group. The incumbent will be coordinating and monitoring the ongoing projects and insure that these projects are executed and earned the value from them as per the strategy plan. In addition, the incumbent will be overall responsible for conducting development of processes and enhancement on identified processes, products or services and presenting the findings of the same to the concerned management. The incumbent will also be responsible for ensuring projects’ compliance with the Group-wide Operational standards, policies/procedures, industry best practices and pertinent laws and regulations.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities by Dimensions:

  1. Shareholder & Financial:
  • Lead execution of the Digital Strategy roadmap, ensuring strategic initiatives are effectively implemented across the Group.
  • Assist and work to operationalize the Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE) at the Group level; including staffing, processes and tools.
  • Lead the defining of the detailed operating model for the DCoE; including policies, procedures, & technology capabilities.
  • Sit on the Digital Strategy Committee; provide update on roadmap execution; coordinate executive decisions on risks and escalations
  • Work towards the set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), for performance monitoring and quality measurement purposes, for development and execution of strategic digital initiatives.
  • Prepare and monitor periodic Digital Maturity benchmarking to continuously monitor performance and identify areas of improvement.
  • Define Digital customer experience guidelines and targets as assigned by the Manager Digital Business Development or DCoE; support change management efforts to infuse customer-centric behaviours and ways of working in the organizational culture.
  • Prepare presentation materials for Digital Strategy committee and working group meetings; track minutes and action items.
  • Identify opportunities for cost reductions and service quality improvements by evaluating data and perform statistical analysis to identify improvement opportunities as well as associated issues and risks.
  • Monitor and report on strategic KPIs set forth by the Digital Strategy;
  • Work towards developing group annual budgeting process in collaboration with other subsidiaries and HO relevant units
  • Analyse and forecast revenue, profitability, margins, fees generated from new digital capabilities.
  • Implements KPI’s and best practices for Senior Officer Digital Business Development
  • Promote cost consciousness and efficiency and enhance productivity, to minimise cost, avoid waste, and optimise benefits for the bank.
  • Act within the limits of the powers delegated to the incumbent.
  1. Customer (Internal & External):
  • Ensure coordination with the concerned project delivery departments in the formulation of project deliverables, resources, priorities, duration, and cost.
  • Secure the requirements for the concerned departments and solutions for the respective digital projects execution.
  • Continuously monitor progress and prepare reports to the AGM Group Retail Digital Business on a timely manner.
  • Study all existing products and suggest best practice to minimize risk; increase automation and improve productivity and income as per market behaviour
  • Liaise with internal and external providers, Group IT, Group Operations, relevant HO departments, subsidiaries and external vendors/ consultants.
  • Establish guidelines for persona definition and journey mapping design for usage across the Group.
  • Establish guidelines for research and conduction of customer focus groups; coordinate with existing market research function(s) to streamline guidelines & execution.
  • Define UX design standards for best practices and consistency in approach across the group
  • Oversee and validate the conducting of UX design and prototyping for new solutions; engage with the Business, IT, and external Customers.
  • Define mechanism to review new digital product / solution design and provide assurance on compliance to established guidelines.
  • Advise and train on customer experience principles and provide design assurance for new products & services across the Group.
  • Define and maintain customer experience metrics and analytics framework across the Group
  • Define Voice of Customer and Employee framework to gather insightful data on existing, prospective, and internal customers.
  • Institute a robust complaints management process and SLA fulfilment times for resolution of customer complaints; ensure all customer feedback loops inform business decision making.
  • Lead implementation of initiatives related to customer analytics at the Head Office level.
  • Collaborate with Innovation Team in Strategy on CX innovation (Digital and non-digital) initiatives (e.g. Fintech collaboration, non-traditional channel integration).
  • Support the business in establishing external ecosystem partnerships to offer enhanced value propositions and attract new customers; share best practices and cross-pollination opportunities among the Group.
  • Assist customers in all their queries on Bank’s product and seek solution to their requests.
  • Maintain activities in accordance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with internal departments/units to achieve improvements in turn-around time.
  • Build and maintain strong/effective relationships with related departments/units to achieve the Group’s objectives.
  • Provide timely/accurate data to external/internal Auditors, Compliance, Financial Control and Risk when required.
  1. Internal (Processes, Products, Regulatory):
  • Prepare strategies, policies, standards and guidelines of Retail Digital Business within the capacity of DCoE and control, which will help execute digital initiatives and develop DCoE within the available resources, time and budget.
  • Recommend best practice for test plans and scripts standards to project management office within Group retail digital business or within other departments.
  • Supervise and oversee tenders and partnership agreements within the mandate of DCoE execution plans in coordination with the contracts and tenders department.
  • Oversee the schedule of projects and work program of projects to be executed within capacity of DCoE approved execution plans.
  • Work in the interest of International Retail Branches to provide solutions, business plans to transform International Retail Branches into digital models while provide support and coordination for Subsidiaries projects as per the mandate of DCoE
  • Ensure that there are processes and procedures developed or reviewed for digitally transformed business and that appropriate level of controls are in place to manage risks in coordination with relevant department within the Group.
  • Develop and on board talents to DCoE and ensure their performance management is conducted in timely fashion and their development plans are created and achieved.
  • Create, oversee and review SLA to support digital business transformation where needed between Business and other service providers.
  • Ensure process/practices complies with the Bank’s risk and procedures to minimize risk exposure.
  • Compile and prepare reports, presentations and other documents as instructed by the head of department.
  • Perform diagnostics on identified areas of business to establish areas of improvements, define problems, and propose digital applicable solutions.
  • Create and participate in the development of the business model for digital initiatives execution
  • Provide regular and upon request, feedback to management on the digital transformation strategies and execution and the impact of digital transformation at Group level.
  • Perform managerial/supervisory responsibilities at the unit level as established by the Group. These tasks include participating in the management of all HR issues related to the team such as: team performance, absence management, training needs identification and other requests.
  1. Learning & Knowledge:
  • Demonstrate ability to provide internal team members with leadership, direction and vision, including motivating people to perform, providing feedback, recognizing strengths and identify areas for professional development of self and other reports.
  • Develop and maintain an awareness and engagement of DCoE with other related departments for creating collaboration environment and breaking the siloes.
  • Provide support and substitute for the Head Digital Center of Excellence and Manager Digital Business Development as necessary and required and when delegated.
  • Carry out other similar duties that can be defined within the broad functional job and functional responsibilities outlined above.
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge about Digital banking innovation, global technologies, processes, regulations, and generally accepted operating practices. Research industry topics and react by recommending changes to products, services, and solutions within DCoE.
  • Proactively identify areas for professional development of self and undertake development activities.
  • Seek out opportunities to remain current with all developments in professional field.
  1. Legal, Regulatory, and Risk Framework Responsibilities:
  • Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and internal compliance requirements including, but not limited to, Group Compliance Policies and Procedures (AML & CTF, Sanctions Policy, Data Protection Policy, Fraud Control Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy, Conflict of Interest and Insider Dealing Policy).
  • Understand and effectively perform your role under the Three Lines of Defence principle to identify measure, monitor, manage and report risks.
  • Ensure systematic good outcomes for clients in accordance with Conduct Risk policy.
  • Support the framework of RCSA, KRI, Incident reporting and remediation, as appropriate, in accordance with the Operational Risk Management requirements.
  • Maintain appropriate knowledge to ensure full qualification to undertake the role.
  • Complete all mandatory training provided by the Bank, attain, and maintain the required levels of competence.
  • Attend mandatory (internal and external) seminars as instructed by the Bank.
  1. Other:
  • Ensure high standards of data protection and confidentiality to safeguard commercially sensitive information.
  • Maintaining utmost confidentiality concerning customer and internal bank information obtained during the course of business and provide such information on a need to know basis only to Senior Management of the bank, Audit and Compliance functions, and relevant Regulators.
  • Maintain high professional standards to uphold the bank reputation and to strengthen its market leadership position.
  • All other ad hoc duties/activities related to the bank that management might request from time to time.

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • University graduate preferably with a Major in Business Management related subject with experience or minor in Technology, consulting, or change management. MBA or Master’s Degree preferred.
  • At least 3 years of experience in a major business transformation or consulting fields in banking industry in a managerial capacity in responsibilities relating to digital transformation, project management; products knowledge; consulting and business excellence management.