Policies & Procedures Specialist

Job Overview

The role holder will be responsible to work with departments across the Bank to write and review policies, Mandates, Process
Maps, and procedural documents based on the applicable statutes, laws, regulations, Mandates, SLAs. The role holder is
responsible for the document management of the bank written process maps, policies, and procedures to ensure all
documentation accurately reflects current operating practices. the bank goal is to review and update where required, existing
policies, procedures, and guidelines and ensure these documents remain current to our environment’s evolving changes.
Where documentation is missing or outdated, the role holder will be accountable for creating new documentation or revising
and updating existing materials. Where necessary, this role will research detail the procedures and define
accountabilities. This role works with all business units to edit, refine, or create the required documentation made available
within departments and across the Bank as reference publications.
Core Responsibilities
 Write, review, and edit technical documents, including operational procedures, Mandates,
Charters, Terms of References, policies, user guides, reference documents, flowcharts,
workflow diagrams, narrations, and forms.
 Recognize and satisfy the need for new and improvements to existing documentation.
 Create and maintain documentation repositories.
 Collect and understand data on work practices, system functionality, and business
operations procedures.
 Obtain, analyze, and select the pertinent information to support a deliverable.
 Ensure consistency of wording among multiple documents.
 Conduct operational analysis to understand the interrelationships between functions or
departments and to identify the impact of changes in one part of the Bank to the other. And
to reflect those changes on the process maps, procedural and policy documents.
 Lead meetings with subject matter experts or Heads of Business Units to obtain process and
procedural information.
 Work with Compliance, HRTD, and Internal Audit to review investigation findings to
determine if revisions are required to existing processes or procedures.
 Work with Business Units to incorporate internal controls that close policy and compliance
gaps in procedural documents.
 Ensure alignments between Internal control Checklists for a Business Unit and its process
maps and procedural documents.
 Collaborate with Business Units to develop project plans and timelines to complete assigned
projects as per the governance cycle.
Self- Management Responsibilities
 Define performance goals at the start of the year in discussion with the reporting manager and
ensure that the plans are monitored and achieved during the year.
 Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Commerce, or in any other subject or equivalent is
 Master’s degree in Accounting/ Finance /Economics or in any other subject is preferred
Years & Nature of
Experience  Minimum 3-4 years of practical experience in a bank or same or similar function
 Possess strong conceptual, organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and a demonstrated proficiency in conveying complex,
technical ideas to various staff levels through writing.
 Ability to manage relationships, balance competing priorities, and manage both up and down.
 Technical background with excellent written and verbal communication skills and present information to
leadership and cross-functional audiences.
 Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Visio, SharePoint, and graphics tools.
 Above average project management skills with the ability to multi-task.
 Strong logical and critical thinking skills.
 Self-motivated, work and deliver with minimal guidance, and assertive.
 The number of policies and procedures satisfactorily completed along the governance cycle.
Internal External
All staff
CBB Inspectors, consultants, and external auditors.

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